Do you want to give your kitchen cabinets a beautiful makeover? There are several inexpensive ways to make your old cabinets look as good as new.

Use handsome hardware

Knobs and pulls can easily dress your cabinets up. Cabinet hardware can be quite expensive. A single ornate piece may cost $30 or more. Instead, look for simple yet contemporary knobs at big box stores. Replace one-hole hardware with one-hole upgrades. This way, you can save both money and time.

Chrome continues to be the most popular kitchen cabinet finish. It can make any design look bright, clean and tailored. Chrome is a common element known for its distinctive shine. However, chrome does not occur that way in nature. It has to be combined with other compounds. Chrome plating can resist corrosion. And its lustre makes it a massive hit with both designers and homeowners.

Other finishes like oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are also becoming popular.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

The easiest way to update old cabinets is to apply a coat of paint. You can do this job on your own, but it is a time-intensive process. While choosing colours, remember that light hues will make your kitchen appear larger.

Classic kitchen cabinets are flexible and timeless. They sport unfussy details and neutral colour palettes. An individualist may scorn at them, and a purist might find them too ornate, but they are a hit with lots of homeowners all over the world. The beauty of classic cabinets is that by merely adding some ornate details, you can create a distinct look that oozes style and personality.

Cream or white cabinetry

Classic cabinets are fresh yet timeless. White cabinets perfectly define this style. They have a universal appeal.

Architectural details

Details are fine, but they should be restrained in a classic kitchen. If they are ornate and over the top, the result will not be too appealing.

Black countertops

Black granite countertops complement the white cabinets quite well and create a classic effect. Alternatively, you can opt for white marble countertops. In fact, marble countertops can easily become the focal point of your kitchen. Maintenance may be an issue with marble; still, many homeowners cannot resist its beauty.

The cabinet door style should be simple. It should not be too ornate or too modern. A simple shaker door may be the best choice for classy cabinets. In any case, you are unlikely to find flat or raised panel doors in a classic kitchen.

Neutral palettes

Classic cabinets do not have to be all white. You can mix white and painted cabinetry. Alternative palettes like black and white and brown and white are also hugely popular.  White marble countertops, walnut cabinets, and classic shaker door style can blend really well.

Consider changing the glass insert in your cabinet door with decorative glass. This will give stock cabinets a custom look.

The best thing about a classic kitchen is that they are a bit like chameleons. You can completely change their look by adding modern, traditional or industrial lighting with bar stools of the same style. By simply mixing classic cabinets with vintage-style chairs and tables, you can create an eclectic effect.